I've been editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro since my Dad taught me in 5th grade. Ever since, I've had a passion for shooting, editing, and producing video. From student film sets to educational videos, this portfolio showcases some of my best videos. 

Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI)

From 2018- 2019, I was the lead video producer at the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute. I operated three 4k cameras in our studio and edited the multi-cam footage in Premiere. I also did motion graphics in After Effects for the titles and graphics needed for videos. Videos were primarily educational and occasionally promotional. 

 Interview with Professor of Physics Department at the University of Illinois, Nigel Goldenfeld. 

Shot on 3 Cannon 4k cameras. Edited in Adobe Premiere 

Intro title card for a series of videos

made entirely in After Effects. 

Educational Projects

A tutorial I made for PQI regarding how to mix the audio levels on interviews we shot. 

Video essay on the relationship between the novel Watchmen, the adaptation into a movie, and Marshall McLuhan. 

Made in Premiere and After Effects. 

Personal Projects

One of my most viewed videos, this music video combines the beautiful French film, The Young Girls of Rochefort and the Tame Impala song, Patience. 

This was a perosnal video I made for my dad. I combined footage from his trip in 1998 and a song by The Gaslight Anthem. 

I work as an actor in this thesis short-film by Joey Tiberio.