On this page, you will find a curated selection of some of my work. Not intended to display all of my work, rather this is a representation of range and scope.


The 'personal' section is composed of video projects or performances I wrote and completed.


In the "professional" section are videos I have done for companies I have worked for. These range from interviews, events, ads, education, and unique special-purpose videos. 


Using real-time video editing software like VDMX5, I can essentially edit live to a beat or a DJ. I synthesize, sample, loop, cut, and distort video to get effects that I then project onto the DJ and myself. This is a reel of the past year (2020-2021) of performances: solo and with a DJ. You'll see examples of performances in-person but also RAW footage of videos/visuals I've created.

One of my most viewed videos, this music video combines the beautiful French film, The Young Girls of Rochefort, and the Tame Impala song, Patience. This video was an exercise in precise editing and timing.

Here is an uncut example of video DJing or VJing. In this performance, I am digitally synthesizing video, feeding it into a live editing software, and projecting it onto Keith Tucker [R] and myself [L]. This allows me to cut to different inputs and change effects in real-time manually so I can sync it up with music. 

Drum cover of the song Chinatown, using a 4k Nikon 6z and a VHS camera. 

Shot and edited in 7 hours. I collaborate with the band ShameNap to create an impromptu music video on their rooftop overlooking Oakland.

Educational Projects

Video essay on the relationship between the novel Watchmen, the adaptation into a movie, and Marshall McLuhan. 

Made in Premiere and After Effects. 

A tutorial I made for a Social Media class about how to use the RAW element of Adobe Photoshop.

Kazakhstan's new wave filmmakers created introspective and beautiful films throughout the 90s. In this video essay, I explore how they used distance and isolation to tell their stories.



Transformations Care Network 

 Full-time video pre-production, shooting, editing, and distribution. Collaborated with leadership (Marketing Manager [Alex K.] and Chief Growth Officer [Mark H.]) and marketing team to translate company’s goals and values into meaningful media that reflects the vison of the brand. Oversight of brand identity and visual identity across media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Planned, shot, edited, and distributed 40+ videos and graphics to social platforms.

Me and Everyone.PNG

 Testimonial of Veteran, Marine Firefighter, Victor. Shot by myself and a coworker. Edited by me.

This video was made to be an overview of our company and some of the roles involved. The thinking was; "what video do we show someone if they ask: what is Transformations?" This project took longer than usual given the number of interviews and shots to get but the end result is a fantastic representation of the brand and personifies the values of the company. 

John LaPlante's story is a hard one to tell. Family, loss, love, and how to move on when the unimaginable happens. In my opinion, one of the most important projects I've worked on. It was our hope to tell Jon's story as accurately as possible while still being under 10 minutes. 

Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI)

From 2018- 2019, I was the lead video producer at the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute. I operated three 4k cameras in our studio and edited the multi-cam footage in Premiere. I also did motion graphics in After Effects for the titles and graphics needed for videos. Videos were primarily educational and occasionally promotional. 

 Interview with Professor of Physics Department at the University of Illinois, Nigel Goldenfeld. 

Shot on 3 Cannon 4k cameras. Edited in Adobe Premiere 

Intro title card for a series of videos

made entirely in After Effects.